Project 2

Project Name: Contribute to the protection of women's legal rights in Yemen through improving their access to justice

Date of implementation: 1 \ 4 \ 201 6 to 3 1 \ 3 \ 201 7

Place of execution: Governorate Sana'a

Number of beneficiaries: 1200 women


Overall Objective


Provide legal aid services and contribute to the protection of the legal rights of women and girls and improve their access to justice through legal interventions application.


Nature of the project


The idea of the project is to provide legal assistance to the vulnerable groups in Yemen as a part of the of the United Nations effort represented in its development program in order to alleviate the effects of the siege and war, which includes the alarming increase in the rates of poverty and unemployment.

The project works to ensure the right to litigation as a solid constitutional right and to promote the principle of the rule of law and access to justice. Because of the United Nations' legal and moral responsibility towards the Yemeni people, legal empowerment is a logical introduction to economic empowerment and fight against extreme poverty

The project provides legal aid to vulnerable groups on three levels.

The first is legal awareness

The second is legal consultation, both individual and collective, in addition to mediation based on restorative solutions, to avoid creating more societal conflicts.

The third is legal representation, which includes litigation before the courts or sing alternative dispute resolution mechanisms such as arbitration.

The project was implemented in partnership with 15 institutions from civil society organizations and 3 universities (Sana'a University, University of the Future, University of Hodeida): Women 's Affairs Center, Foundation for Culture and Thought, the Federation of Women 's Programs, the Commission of the Yemeni refugees, Media Community Center, Norwegian Refugee Council, the Yemeni Bar Association.  



The project justification


The current war and major military operations over past three years have had devastating consequences for civilian life. For instance, one of the devastating consequences that the access to justice is very limited. The population of Yemen faces severe social and economic conditions indicated as high rates of poverty and unemployment. The current situation has affected large segments of the population so that many depend on humanitarian aid and relief. For women and children, the situation is very remote from stability. Because of war and internal conflicts widows face many legal problems, such as forcing them to marry, child custody and inheritance, and other problems related to increasing child labor.

Through the development of local capacities, the project aims to provide legal aid services and improve access to justice in Yemen, ultimately assisting to strengthen some of the most fragile societies and enhance the rule of law.



  • Fifty-six women were represented ahead of the courts and 35 cases were transferred for lawyers to debate.

  • Legal awareness sessions were held for 950 beneficiaries through 29 meetings at Concern organization and partner institutions.

  • 179 individual legal consultations and 144 individual psychological consultations were undertaken.

  • Monitoring and documenting 40 judicial sessions related to women's issues.

  • coordinate and communicate with the Legal Aid Network and the LTF in consistently.

  • Two training courses on women's legal rights were organized.

  • 1000 copies of a booklet containing 3 judicial reviews on 3 judicial rulings on women's issues were prepared and published.

  • Media publications were released such as radio spot sessions, billboard design, brochures, legal aid system maps, notebooks

  • Preparing and implementing the closing ceremony of the project

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