Project 1

Project Name: Protection of battered women and women at risk in the Yemen governorates

Date of implementation: 1/1 \ 2015 to 31 \ 12 \ 201 5

Place of execution: Sana'a - Imran - Hajjah

Number of beneficiaries: 28 beneficiaries


Overall Objective


Contribute to support and protect of battered women, women at-risk and reduce violence based-gender, focusing on those with special needs and heads of displaced families by providing them with the necessary skills for vocational rehabilitation and training, thus facilitating their access to income opportunities.


Nature of the project


  • The project was coordinated with the local community to nominate 28 battered women and provide a range of services including individual and group counseling, vocational training and supervision.

  • This project also considers the need of the staff for professional supervision, where the supervision of the specialists and facilitators of the group throughout the project period.

  • The project also included regular home visits for trainees to check on their status and follow-up after the training end, in addition to the family visits during the project period.

  • The project opened the field for external extra training and took care of the future economic planning for each participant (the work was done for each participant separately) in order  to future positive planning and to enhance the idea of income-generating projects

  • As part of the project, the beneficiaries receive psychosocial support to help them overcome their crisis, protect themselves and their rights, how to start small-scale economic projects.


The project justification


The difficult economic conditions in Yemen and the desire of women to support their families and prevent themselves as well as their families from poverty and lack, so it was necessary to train and educate women with less education to enable them getting jobs or starting their own small projects. In addition, targeted women live conditions that require psychological and social support, counseling and legal education in order to raise their knowledge and awareness of their rights and to protect themselves. Accordingly, the project works on:

  • Improving the psychological and social conditions of targeted women.

  • Facilitating the women participation in economic activities to improve income.

  • Create a small business for women.

  • Increase the sensitivity of the society to the importance of support and protection of abused women and women at risk.

  • Conduct individual orientation sessions for women who have been unable to work because of violence.

  • Capacity Building of Concern Organization in the areas of projects that focusing on social development, raise awareness and education

  • Building self-sufficiency capacities for targeted women.




  • A total of 8 counseling sessions were held in order to introduce the organization , its objectives and services, its organizational chart as well as to familiarize participants with each other and with the organization's staff , and introduce them to the existing vocational training courses. Needs assessment for the participants was also carried out from psychological rehabilitation and vocational training during these meetings.

  • A pre- and post-assessment evaluation was carried out for 28 participants in the empowerment programs

  • 28 participants were integrated into the vocational training program. Each batch obtained 480 hours of vocational training.

  • A total of 24 sessions were conducted for each batch  on topics such as communication and communication skills, friendship, women in international humanitarian law, psychological trauma, psychosocial mechanisms, psychosocial support coping with trauma, stubborn children, self-assertion, Socialization, marital differences and family problems, adolescence, involuntary urination, psychological stress, violence types and causes, mental health,  sexual and gender violence.

  • Twelve economic sessions were carried out in which established the preliminary idea of the economic projects was for each participant with the assistance of the group facilitator, so that this idea has to go along with the vocational training has been obtained at its choice.

  • 135 individual mentoring sessions were carried out to participants in the psychosocial field.

  • Twelve complex cases were converted for additional support.

  • Preparing 28 economic plans for each participation. Each plan includes the vision for the economic project that each participant willing to achieve in the future.

  • Twelve supervision and follow-up sessions were held.

  • 80 home visits were carried out

  • Six follow-up sessions were carried out after the completion of the vocational training.

  • International Women's Day (The 8th of March) was actively celebrated through the coordination and cooperation with other women's organizations.

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