Programs of the Organization

1. Capacity building including the capacity building of the organization and stakeholders in the administrative, professional and logistic fields and the is to be achieved through:

  • Improve the professional skills and managerial capabilities of the organization's staff

  • Create a detailed knowledge of the women's and children's situation and needs.

  • Develop the organization's logistical and informational capabilities.

  • Documentation of the crimes and violations against women and children.

  • Develop organization coordination and communication.

2. Supporting and promoting women victims of violence and at women at risk, gender equality and reducing violence and its effects against women and the is to be achieved through:

  • Empower women who are victims of violence and at women at risk

  • Improving women's and family’s psychological status in Yemen governesses.

  • Improving advocacy for the protection of women at risk and families suffering from loss.

3. To promote and develop family and children through the active participation of the family and society and this to be achieved through:

  • Provide a highly sensitive environment that helps protect children at risk and deal with chronic fear

  • Improve awareness and advocacy of the community for children at risk and suffering the chronic fear

  • Improve the girls' school’s capacities to cope with stress and crisis.

4. Pressure and advocacy to improve the advocacy of battered and vulnerable women in Yemen and this is to be achieved through:

  • Increase the community sensitivity to the protection of battered and vulnerable women in Yemen.

  • Provide awareness and legal support to women.

  • Raising community awareness about women's rights in international conventions.

  • Legal representation of women victims of violence and women at risk through the organization’s legal adviser.

  • Initiating initiatives to support women victims of violence and vulnerability in partnership with civil society.

  • Improve community awareness and advocacy for the targeted group.

  • Improve community awareness on gender equality issues and women's and children's rights.

  • Improving of community institutions' capacity to provide basic services to women and children at risk and those suffering chronic fear.

  • The formation of community leaders between women and children to play an active role in dealing with issues of violence, crisis and its effects.

  • Conducting dialogue sessions for females and males on violence, gender equality issues, pressures, and crises.

Concern organization plan

Concern organization plan was developed and approved by the Board of Directors in 2017 according to the organization needs assessment and capacity building plan.

Other Activities:

Continue to seek funding sources including local and emergency funding and international organizations funding.

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