Concern For Women and Children (CWC) is an independent non - profit organization working to develop and uphold standards and create an environment in which every woman and child  can exercise their human rights and live up to their full potential

It aims to raise the women's level and development expertise to enable them to fully and effectively participate in the cultural, economic and social life to achieve progress.


development and the organization of the women energies and coordinate their efforts within the organized collective action to remove social and legal barriers that prevent their development and prevent them from  full and effective participation in the community building through supporting institutional capacity for women and train them on modern skills and work to encourage women to use the technology and get along with continuous variables to achieve women economic empowerment through the following:

  • economic empowerment and facilitating access to soft loans

  • encourage productive family’s projects in coordination with donors

  • contribute to the reduction of illiteracy

  • Achieving gender equality

  • protect women and children from violence through psychosocial support programs for marginalized groups in Yemen.


Concern organization seeks to protect women and children from violence through support and empowerment programs and to raise awareness of important psychological, social, legal and economic issues. The organization also focused on integrating gender in all areas of implementation of its strategic plan. 


Since its founding, the organization has worked to empower women and children and especially victims of violence in response to the specific needs of women and children who are part of society.

The adoption of the Individual Empowerment Platform takes into account individual differences, and accordingly, the organization is effectively successful in achieving higher levels of empowerment. The organization continues to act as a conduit to reach the target groups.


On the other hand, the Concern has directed its efforts to influence the community agenda by sensitizing individuals and organizations to issues of domestic violence, gender equality, and women's empowerment. Concern is also working on the crowd and advocacy to influence and put pressure on decision-makers to get laws and legislation favorable to women and children in all areas.


Concern, since it gained new registration, seeks funding opportunities to implement some of the projects, for example,105 Lady was benefited from Empowerment Program Singles also benefited 680 Person from legal awareness courses in addition to other projects and activities. 




Concern mission is to support and empower women and children and help them to protect themselves from all kinds of violence. Raise the social and public awareness about women effective roles in implementing world sustainable development goals



The Women's and Children's Organization aspires to play a leading role in developing women and children life’s who are victims of violence and at risk, with a focus on those in special needs in Yemen to be active members of sustainable community development.

Target group

  • Direct beneficiaries of Concern are battered women and women at risk, with a focus on women with physical disabilities, and those who are responsible for displaced families and their children, women aged between 6-12 years and women victims of family violence, schools Warren, teachers, doctors, psychological service providers.

    • Indirect beneficiaries of Concern are the community and staff of the organization.